Vonage’s commitment to product innovation is driven by our creative passion and expertise. We apply the latest technology and processing advancements to ensure we provide our customers with skin care and cosmetic products of the highest quality.

We stay on top of the latest advancements, conducting deep market analysis of product trends and consumer behaviour to ensure that we deliver the most innovative serums and solutions to our customers. The quality control and regulatory teams of our partner Inter Cosmetiques guarantees adherence to both GMP requirements and

EU standards, but also superior and reproducible quality of products.
Through a vast compliment of development capabilities, global manufacturing and regulatory services, Vonage is able to produce skin care products and cosmetics of the highest quality.

Innovation and Research

At Vonage, our passion for care is displayed through our creativity. We strive for innovation, developing new products that help fill our customers’ needs.

Annually we receive more than 100 new suggested formulas from out-sourced research and development teams, of which nearly 20% reach market after accurate, careful studies.


After Several years of experience in cosmetics, we have learned to adapt. Replication and Uniformity are our two main objectives throughout product development. This level of quality is achieved through a rigorous control that our partner Inter Cosmetiques exerts on all processes  from manufacturing to logistics.  All our products are manufactured by our partner Inter Cosmetiques in accordance with the principles of GMP quality management.


Our sales and marketing teams travel the world to promote our core products and latest innovations.

Dedicated to meet your requirements, our team of representatives are always available to coordinate each step of your inquiry from order to delivery.